Make better plans with Blueprint

Your resources and projects together on one simple tool.

Gather your resources

A history of working with freelancers and across different geographic locations has taught us the value of bringing people and projects together for the big picture. In Blueprint all your resources are gathered in the same calendar this gives everybody the overview they need.

Simply create and swap bookings

When planning its important to be fast and fair. So bookings are made with a single click and swapped without any mess. Projects are assigned with haste, thanks to the magic of autocomplete and to avoid redundancies bookings can be swapped over time and between resources by drag n’ drop. Now all is right with the world.

Stay on top of Basecamp© projects and milestones

For us if it’s not in Basecamp©, then it didn’t happen. To keep us up to date we hooked up our planner to the project management tool to keep track of all our projects and milestones. One tool to rule them all, now only if we had one to find our keys.

See what’s going on from any device

We move around alot and so its nice to get a quick glance on the day from wherever we happen to be. The mobile friendly version does just that but it won’t help you cheat at Wordfeud.....yet.

Register time and make reports

We are constantly reminded that time is money. To promote transparency to clients and employers we log how long we’ve worked on a project. Logging on before logging off means no muss no fuss from paychecks to contracts. Running reports on said time keeps clients and planners happy. Everything is copacetic.

Your resources are precious, your time even more so.

Proud to help



A look at what Blueprint is doing now

Bookings Companies Resources Projects Milestones
+200.000 47.484 11.788 183.392 +600.000

Blueprint in real life

To get in the spirit we went analog. We as “resources” took on “bookings” (snugly fitting spandex suits) in the physical form. The results speak for themselves but we think you’ll prefer the digital version.